Enrichment Chess is dedicated to helping children learn and grow from chess. Chess is a proven, effective experience that benefits children in a wide variety of ways and teaches children critical thinking and analysis skills from the inside, out. The value, benefits, and measurable results from teaching children how to play chess are remarkable (reference).

Combining the value of chess education with a fun, open environment makes the Enrichment Chess experience truly amazing for both the children and the parents.


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Enrichment Chess started in 2008 teaching only a few children at a time. The business started out of true passion and interest for working with children as well as the game of chess, which had been a family tradition. Over time, it became evident that the market demand for a quality chess education was much larger than originally anticipated. The number of students increased steadily, the number of classes held went up and the number of schools asking for the chess program went through the roof. The methodology was modernized, new and experienced teachers were hired, and we now have grown to over 20 schools in 3 districts and teach over 500 kids per season!


Diana Zetune

Diana Zetune


Mrs. Diana Zetune is the founder, owner, and manager of Enrichment Chess LLC. She holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing with a specialization in oncology and bone marrow transplant.

She created the Enrichment Chess program in 2008. Since then, she has continued to recognize the growing market of students with an interest in chess programs. Through her experience, she brings expertise in overseeing child instruction, skill in the game of chess itself, and an understanding of business management.

Mrs. Zetune has a passion for both chess and children, understanding how chess improves math, science, and reading scores, teaches life skills, builds self-confidence, improves concentration, and strengthens critical and analytical thinking. She has published a chess coloring book which has been used as a teaching tool for the younger age groups. Mrs. Zetune is a proud wife and mother of two sons and a daughter.