Mission Statement

Enrichment Chess’ mission is to positively impact young lives by providing high quality chess education that will further students’ critical and analytical thinking skills in an environment that champions sportsmanship.



Enrichment Chess was founded in 2008 with the goal of developing the love for chess among kids and families knowing that the game has an unprecedented impact on children development, school grades, math skills, and etc..

Key Elements

Enrichment Chess is an after school and spring/winter camp program. The classes are usually once per week — 60 minute sessions — where each skill level group is paired together.  There are usually 10 to 15 minutes of instruction followed by coached, friendly competition.

Strong Potential Return

Enrichment Chess has a low initial investment for a franchise owner being a home based business model. With low overhead, low start-up costs for a business and a service that carries value in any market with children and schools, the Enrichment Chess model has shown strong revenue growth in the Dallas market and certainly provides a franchisee with a significant potential ROI.


The general perception and public opinion is that children’s education is worth any amount of money and parents have proven they are willing to invest in their children’s well-being.  In today’s market, the combination of activity-based education is what is driving the market and Enrichment Chess has the perfect model for this market segment.


As detailed below, a franchisee of Enrichment Chess can expect to invest somewhere between $46,050 and $68,500 (an average investment of $57,275). These results are based on the following assumptions:

  • Market Introduction Program 6.5%
  • Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment 10.8%
  • Computer Systems 2.1%
  • Insurance 1%
  • Signage 2.1%
  • Office Expenses 2.1%
  • Inventory 2.1%
  • Licenses & Permits 0.1%
  • Professional Fees 2.1%
  • Working Capital 21.7%
  • Training 5.4%
  • Franchise Fee 54.3%
  • TOTAL 100%

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